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Duplicate Image Finder

This little program allows you to help and indentify (nearly) duplicate images files on your PC. It's currently in beta stage and doesn't have much documentation with it. USE AT OWN RISK !


How to use:

- Select directories where you want images to be compared (don't take your entire disk, as it tends to find lots of duplicates in the windows and programfiles directories

- Generate thumbnails for comparison (uses some space on HDD to store thumbs)

- Compare files (this will take very long if you have a lot of files on your PC)

- Mark files you wish to delete in the list (spacebar), and select "Delete Selected" when done.
- You can view files in your default viewer by pressing enter or double-clicking them.
- Select a group and pick "Remove Group" if it seems to be a group of images that are not the same (this usually happens if the images are almost completely white or black). When you do this, no files will be delete. It just removes the group of images from the list.

- If you close the program at any time (except during thumbnail generation), you will be able to continue where you stopped last time, the next time you open the program.