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Conventions Cons i go to all the time.

Elf Fantasy Fair =>
Castlefest =>
Animecon =>
Abunai =>
Ring*con =>
F.A.C.T.S =>
Tsunacon =>


Online Shops Shopping !!!

Square Enix online store =>
Oddworld =>
Acme =>
Gator =>
EntertainmentEarth =>
Archonia =>
Dragontoys => =>


Deviantarts Artists that i like

Rimfrost =>
Emperpep =>
Zipper =>
MumboJumbo =>
DarkJak =>
Amy-san =>
Maladies =>
EiffelArt =>



Tokidoki =>
ZombiePumpkins =>
ThatGuyWithTheGlasses =>
CinemassacreProductions =>
LordKat =>
Geekologie =>
TheDrunkenMooogle =>


Final Fantasy XI Links Not that we still play the game but i might aswel keep the links up for friends ;).
Final Fantasy XI AH =>
Final Fantasy XI wiki
Final Fantasy XI Atlas =>
Final Fantasy XI Recipe =>
Kida's Fishing Guide =>
Also i didn't post the Allakhazam site for FFXI here with a reason, I find Wiki way better and allakhazam just fell behind (alot!) After the CoP pack LoTR Online currently playing this game and you can always find me back on the roleplaying servers.

LoTR online allakhazam =>



That's it for now if you wonna add me to your list please feel free to take my banner

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